Banyak Game baru neeh......

29 December 2008

Siang semua.... panas banget neh di jogja.... mana kost sepi banget... rasanya cuma ada gw di lantai 2 ini.... abis yang lainnya pada pulkam,,,,bahkan ada yang semangat ngendon di kamar...gag tau tuh ngapain...xixixi....
Btw, gw banyak nemuin game2 baru nih... gw share aja ke kalian...siapa tau mau... gak mesti buat cewek kok.... cowok juga suka....(kalo' mau...)
Disini gw kasih :

1. Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient
2. Floating Kingdoms
3. Shopping Madness
4. Chocolate Shop Frenzy

Check this out.......

Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredient

When ambitious Edie Cole Iverson and her suspicious new burger franchise start stealing Beach Burger's business, Patty Melton and her irritable sidekick Pierre expand their menu, only to find the island's resident recipe guru, the Tiki Guy, has gone missing! The hunt for the Tiki Guy begins as Patty and Pierre attempt to rebuild their business, cook up all new recipes, track down new ingredients, and create the mythical Great Sauce!

• Grill up burgers, omelets, and nachos to order for Beach Burger's hungry customers!
• Complete order combos and power up the Tiki Torch to reheat your entrees for maximum profit!
• Create your own mouth-watering recipes in the Experimental Kitchen!
• Choose your own path to the Tiki Guy and the Great Sauce through 130 possible levels, deciding which islands to explore in your culinary quest!

Spoiler for gambarnya nih... :

Spoiler for downloadnya nih... :

Floating Kingdoms

Welcome to the world of Floating Kingdoms ™! Serve the King as the newest member of the Royal Architect society. Plan your village and gather resources to build a grand palace on each of the various floating islands of the kingdom. Gather resources by playing a wide variety of fun mini-games. Gold, water, stone, flour and more will all be required to build your villages and construct the palaces. (Size:97MB)

Spoiler for gambarnya nih... :

Spoiler for downloadnya nih... :

Spoiler for code-nya nih... :

Shopping Madness

Get 5 for 1 in this wacky shopping adventure! It’s a shopper’s paradise with different floors of shopping madness, each with its own fun way to play. Go on the ultimate shopping spree with various shopping challenges and more shoes, clothes and make-up than you can imagine! Use your mp3s and listen to your awesome music while beating your opponents to the counter! Get your cart, and let’s go shopping!(Size : 29MB)

Spoiler for gambar-nya nih... :

Spoiler for downloadnya nih... :

Spoiler for code-nya nih... :

Chocolate Shop Frenzy

Step into your very own chocolate shop and experience amazing levels of fast-paced fun. Serve picky customers in record time and earn upgrades including different chocolate machines that’ll turn your shop into a worldwide sensation. Make all types of gourmet chocolates, wrapped or decorated and keep the customers coming back for more.(Size : 45MB)

Spoiler for gambarnya nih... :

Spoiler for downloadnya nih... :

Spoiler for codenya nih... :

Wah....gimana tuh.... selamat men-donlot deh.... imen udah... nih lagi nyelesaiin yg Floating Kingdom... tapi lama2 bosen juga....xixixi... Burger Island...aduuuhhh.... gak kuat deh... Lama2 imen bingung...malah kadang salah mencet deh.... abis dimarahin ma bosnya... hahaha...

Ada game lain yang bagus gak?? mau dunkz.....Kalo' ada...kasih tau ya....

Selamat main...
(dari om tetangga sebelah...)

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Pika Priska said...
pada hari 

haduuuh... makasi banyak banget nih kaa.. info gamesnya !! makasih loh !!!

Lynn said...
pada hari 

wahh keknya game nya makin seru2 ajah nih hehehe

imen said...
pada hari 

@ Pika Priska
@ Lynn
he eh nih... jadi main trus.... malah nambah minus matanya imen... xixixi

widia said...
pada hari 

thanx yah for info games nya,,
ngebantu gw banget yg suka game,,hehe..

tp bedewe,,code2nya yg di bahasanya aneh??gw ga ngerti..

kalo bisa kirimin kodenya juga dunk,,thanx yah..

ipanks said...
pada hari 

ntr ajah ah downloadnya, mau siap2 ronda dulu nih :D

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